Shrink Wrap Boat Gold Coast

Shrink Wrapping Australia shrink-wrap boats large and small so when the boat arrives at its destination the boat is in the same condition it left. If the boat has been detailed properly before it left its origin there is no need for any more detailing. If you don’t use your boat in winter we can wrap the boat so it’s protected from the elements while not in use.

If you need access to the boat after its wrapped, that’s fine, we can fit a zip door to allow access. When your finished simply zip the door up and it’s sealed again.

We protect all the sharps edges by applying protective material. This stops the sharp edges from damaging the plastic while in transport or storage.


If a boat is not shrink wrapped for transportation the cleaning process can be very time consuming and expensive. Trying to clean road grime, salt and diesel from the exhausts of trucks and ships is not easy and hard to bring the boat back to its new or original condition.

By Shrink Wrapping it also provides a low level of security to stop prying eyes from seeing what’s inside.

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