We have over 12 years of shrink wrapping experience and quite comfortably call ourselves the best in the business. We have wrapped everything from Boats to Buildings and are yet to  come across a job we have not been able to wrap.

We Offer:

Professional workmanship:
Due to our extensive experience our workmanship is first class. We have not come across a job yet that we have not been able to wrap.

Prompt Reliable Service:
We guarantee we’ll be there when we say we will

Obligation Free Quote:
Please feel free to ask us for a quote. You never know it may be the solution you are looking for

We travel to you:
That’s right you tell us where the job is and we’ll be there. We bring all material and equipment so you don’t have worry about a thing. We protect all the sharp edges. You just need to make sure the job is nice and clean

We stay in constant contact with you:
Through out the booking stage when dealing with trucks and ships the dates are usually always changing. Dealing with transport companies is not always easy to coordinate. We require 7 days notice but as this is not always possible we’ll work with you to suit your schedule.

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